Types Of Garden Pots Adelaide Available At Flavio Outdoor Living Solutions

Homeowners can pick and choose from a wide variety of garden pots in Adelaide that are available at Flavio Outdoor Living Solutions. As a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience, we know how to make your outdoor living space thrive. We offer a range of outdoor living supplies and with the ability to customise your selection, either by changing the material, colour or shape, depending on the product.

All of our garden pots have been handcrafted with care and priced reasonably so that they are accessible by homeowners of all sorts of backgrounds.

  • Ecova pots: Available in an extensive range of textures, colours, shapes, and sizes, these plant pots will be the perfect addition to both your outdoor garden, as well as indoors. With a stylish and unique look, these timeless plant pots can be used anywhere around the house.
  • Urns and pedestals: Our urns and pedestals can be customised by selecting either charcoal, or sandstone according to our customers’ requirements. As handcraft all our sandstone products here in Adelaide, rest assured we can create what you are after.
Garden Pots Adelaide

How To Choose The Right Garden Pots Adelaide For Your Space

When it comes to gardening, most homeowners tend to choose garden pots Adelaide based on their appearance. However, there are multiple key factors that homeowners should take into account before they buy garden pots Adelaide for their plants.

Drainage: It's crucial for the pots that you choose to have a fair amount of holes for drainage. This allows for any extra water to drain out from the pots, giving the roots of your plants enough oxygen to stay healthy.

Porosity: Pots for plants that are made out of porous materials (such as unglazed terracotta and clay) allow a proper circulation of air inside the plants, especially in the root area.

Weight: Lightweight pots are always recommended for potted plants, as soil tends to get heavy when wet. Having heavier garden pots will make it cumbersome to move the pots around.

Garden Pots Adelaide

See Our Extensive Range Of Garden Pots In Adelaide

Our showroom is the heart of our operation and is located in Greenacres. This is a great place to browse our extensive range of garden pots, enjoy a bite to eat or drink at our café, or even, on weekends, enjoy our Wood Oven Pizza!

By coming to our showroom, you’re able to discuss your unique needs with our staff. We understand that finding pieces to match your design can be tricky and this is why we offer customisation on nearly all of our products. So don’t hesitate to ask about changing colours of products, shapes or sizes! Our team are equipped to assist and have extensive experience in doing so.

Are you thinking of buying garden pots Adelaide for your home from Flavio Outdoor Living Solutions? Call us today for more details.

Our Products

Flavio Sandstone and Flavio Outdoor

Breeze Blocks are unique designer concrete blocks that are made of geometric patterns. They can be used to form sturdy walls that offer sun shading and weather protection, or for decorative internal partitions to enclose large open spaces and provide privacy and ventilation.

High quality pre cast fence pillars, catering for the DIY home handy person. Design packages including supply & installation starting with the foundation, pillars, iron work & automation.

Making the most of technology, we have developed a range of planters that are durable, lightweight and can be custom made for shape, size and function. Colour matching is easy with the all new FibreLite range.

The team at Flavio travel extensively to find outdoor furniture suitable for the Australian lifestyle and weather conditions. Inspired by outdoor living our range of furniture will bring versatility to your outdoor space.

As importers of high-quality fibreglass pots, we have a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, at affordable prices – this makes the whole process of custom designing and enhancing your indoor or outdoor space very easy.

We are constantly designing new and exciting letterboxes which are in segments allowing for different combinations. They can be left in the sandstone finish and do not need to be sealed.

Flavio has a wide-range of outdoor pavers for walkways, driveways, gardens, terraces, porches, access stairs and garages—both for residential and commercial areas. We are able to supply 2cm porcelain suitable for domestic or commercial application in various formats.

Wood Fired Ovens are about more than just pizzas. Not only can you use them to bake beautiful breads, turn out golden vegetables and melt-in-the-mouth stews, but cooking next to an open fire brings out unique flavours in every dish.