We have an extensive range of sandstone pillars and walling, to suit houses of all styles. There are no imitations or shortcuts for quality, our range of pillars are made by hand in our factory in Greenacres, SA, using he finest quality of materials.

A more traditional design sporting style and sophistication, inspired by Milanese architecture.


A pillar with a subtle elegance which makes a statement without being too ‘loud’.


A traditional shape and style, with a rounded inset, especially suited to homes with archways or arch shaped windows.


This pillar was inspired by the several prominent heritage buildings located around Adelaide. A traditional style pillar, a popular choice in Adelaide’s older suburbs such Medindie and St Peters.


Big and bold, yet graceful, with a flat top. Reminiscent of Verona architecture.


The Mawson pillar is named after the suburb ‘Mawson Lakes’, as it was and continues to be such a popular choice there. Due to its stylish and modern appearance, the Mawson suits a wide range of facades.


The Tower pillar is modern with a simple elegance. Its straight, sharp lines make it visually pleasing and able to be adapted to a wide range of fence designs.


The cubed appearance of this pillar makes it well suited for modern architecture with sharp, square angles.

Regent Quoin

A classic pyramid top and a shaft made of cubes makes this pillar visually appealing.

Regent Plain

With a flat top and simple shaft, the Regent Plain suit a wide range of fencing options.


This pillar was designed to suit the ever popular Bungalow style homes. This tapered pillar is the perfect solution to match the tapered columns on façade of the house.


A tall, slender pillar with a narrower base makes this aesthetically pleasing pillar perfect for use between `walling and enclosing private areas.