Porcelain Pavers

20mm Thickness Porcelain Stoneware

Our extra-thick 20mm porcelain stoneware boasts an ideal combination of practicality and style, deeming it ideal for outdoor locations. It’s suitable for applications varying from patios and balconies, through to gardens, beaches, pathways and driveways.

We supply porcelain tiles in seven different styles:





Nuage Range

Granite Range

PDS Range

Any of these choices provides sleek modern styling, along with scratch, stain and slip resistant surfaces for long-term aesthetic. Our tiles are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so contact us for your free consultation and narrow down the ideal solution for your space!


Outdoor paving is subject to all kinds of wear and tear, with constant exposure to foot traffic, vehicles, and dramatic changes in temperature (particularly in Australia). As a result, there are high performance expectations like low water absorption, insensitivity to temperature change, resistance to chemical agents and adequate grip in wet conditions. Because of the compact, vitrified structure of our porcelain tiling, it effectively ticks all of these boxes to accommodate your outdoor lifestyle goals.


When it comes to outdoor paving, Flavio has a wide-range of materials for paving walkways, driveways, gardens, terraces, porches, access stairs and garages—both for residential and commercial areas.

Our solutions are available in various dimensions, but the right choice largely depends on the characteristics of the installed surface (whether it is levelled floor, gravel, grass etc) and the desired visual impact. To satisfy the different tastes and style preferences of our customers, we offer everything from contemporary and minimal, through to traditional and rustic.


We can create various effects with our porcelain stone, mimicking the appearance of other materials like marble, concrete, wood, stone, slate, terracotta or resin.


This style of 20mm tiles is highly adaptable and can be installed using traditional methods. However, we recommend the latest pedestal technology due to the porcelains high load capacity and resistance to breakage. This system effectively hides water, gas or electrical services without permanently installing the tiles, giving trades and other professionals easy access while aiding effective drainage.


Check out our e-catalogue & learn the 5 secrets to installing a raised floor:

Granite Range