FibreLite Pots CU

About This Project

Our extensive FibreLite pot collection is designed to suit both residential and commercial projects.


Not only are FibreLite pots available in black, white and concrete grey, but Flavio Outdoor in-house technicians can supply in a full range of designer colours.


FibreLite pots are an excellent choice when weight is a factor. Perfect for roof top gardens, balconies and high-rise buildings. Our pots are suitable for outdoor and indoor.


We cater for customised sizes and shapes. Our speciality is catering for commercial designers and creating many custom size pots for apartment buildings and shopping centres.

Ball Planter

320x250mmH   |   540x430mmH   |   820x570mmH

Tall Round

250x270mmH   |   350x390mmH   |   440x520mmH   |   600x670mmH

Tall Drop Pot

350x610mmH   |   540x910mmH   |   750x1250mmH


600x250x300mmH   |   800x350x350mmH   |   1000x450x450mmH   |   1000x300x450mmH

Tall Tapered

310x620mmH   |   410x900mmH


420x480mmH   |   600x680mmH


400x400x400mmH   |   500x500x500mmH   |   600x600x600mmH   |   700x700x700mmH   |   900x900x900mmH

Divider Trough

750Lx225x600mmH   |   850L x 320x700mmH   |   1000L x 400x800mmH   |   1500Lx330x650mmH   |   1700L x 420x800mmH


330x500mmH   |   400x600mmH   |   500x700mmH



Low Bowl

250x130mmH   |   600x180mmH   |   700x250mmH   |   850x300mmH   |   1100x400mmH


300x600mmH   |   380x750mmH   |   460x900mmH

Shallow Bowl

330x90mmH   |   440x110mmH   |   40x130mmH

Oval Bowl

400x200x150mmH   |   550x280x210mmH   |   700x340x250mmH

Pacific Tall

750x1100mmH   |   550x800mmH   |   410x600mmH   |   310x510mmH   |   210x380mmH

Pacific Small

260x260mmH   |   330x350mmH   |   410x440mmH   |   520x560mmH


260x380mmH   |   390x500mmH   |   560x690mmH    

Egg Planter

500x300mmH   |   700x500mmH   |   900x800mmH   |   1100x950mmH


500x500mmH   |   600x600mmH   |   700x700mmH   |   800x800mmH   |   900x900mmH


350x580mmH   |   450x750mmH   |   550x900mmH

Tall Square

250x560mmH   |   350x780mmH   |   450x1000mmH

Hanging Pot

400x400mmH   |   500x500mmH   

Commercial Troughs

1200x400x500mmH   |   1500x320x400mmH   |   1700x400x450mmH   |   2100x500x600mmH

800mmH range

1500x600x800mmH   |   1000x600x800mmH   |   1000x500x800mmH   |   900x600x800mmH   |   600x600x800mmH         

Commercial Square


Inner Pots

Inner Pot Round to suit internal planter 600x600mm D

Inner Pots

Inner Pot Square to suit internal planter 700x700mm

Urban Bowl

350x150mmH | 550x240mmH | 800x340mmH

Squat Cylinder

300x300mmH | 400x400mmH | 500x500mmH

Tear Drop Small

190 x 200mmH

Tear Drop Medium


Tear Drop Large


Customised painted pots

Many colours to choose from in gloss or matte colours

Brief to paint pots to suit tile colour provided by customer

Two colour white and black

Two colour white and copper

Black and white with gold stripe

Black with gold stripe

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